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UI Design
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Summer 2020-22

Tech Stacks:

PHP/ Larave

“Orosee” has been inspired by one of the very ancient icons of Persian architecture, the stunning windows made of colorful geometrical or floral-shape glasses. This intelligent creation was one of the features of old traditional Iranian houses or monuments. Its function was to bring the sun’s light into the interior; however not to make it too hot. The warmness of colors also was bringing love to their life.

Since college, we used to be mesmerized by the Orosee windows and brought its beauty, feature, concept into “NikAnooheh Dance”. The combination of colorful glasses, the dynamics of shapes and lights along the reflections of mirrors all remind us of Dance, Love, and Life.

This is also a great opportunity for us to feature Orosee in gorgeous Persian dance skirts, the long sleeve dresses of Persian dance costumes, and our very artistic jewelry and accessories.

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